Telecom Tower- Islamabad, Pakistan

Telecom Tower is located in Islamabad, the Capital of Pakistan. Telecom Tower is basically a 113-meter tall building in Islamabad with a height of 372 feet. It is one of the tallest buildings of Pakistan. It is ranked third in Pakistan as the top two tallest buildings are Ocean Tower and MCB tower in Karachi.

Telecom Tower

It is the third tallest building in Pakistan and the tallest one in Islamabad. The construction of Telecom Tower Islamabad was started in 2008 and was completed in 2011. It is situated in the Blue Area of Islamabad, which is in G-7 Sector.

It is built under the project of Government of Pakistan. The construction and building was completed and made by Pakistan Communication Trust.

Infrastructure of Telecom Tower

The building of Telecom tower was designed by Nespak. The building consists of twenty nine floors. Each floor is well designed and has a proper linkage with the other floor.

Moreover, there are four basement levels in the telecom tower Islamabad. Moreover, there is a wide facility of car parking for the employees as well as the visitors. The tower includes a parking facility of about 400 cars.

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