Al-Masafi Friday Market Masafi Market Dibba Fujairah UAE

Masafi is a residential area in the condition of Fujairah. It is the primary residential range in Fujairah. Al Masafi is situated at the North of the condition of Fujairah. The town is towards Dibba. Masafi is a dead sleepy and traditional port between three states. These are Fujairah, Oman and Sharjah. Al-Masafi was one of the famous and well-known towns in the early days of Islam. Regular boat trips to Oman’s remote Musandam peninsula run from here. When you visit Masafi, do not forget to visit Masafi Market. Do shopping and enjoy your trip at Al-Masafai, Fujairah.

Time to visit Masafi Market

It is open seven days a week. This is a great place to buy the rugs and carpets of Indian, Pakistani and Afghani styles. The best time to visit the market is early morning and in the evening. It is an open air market hence it is very hot in the afternoon. The Masafi market opens at 8am in the morning and it closes at 10pm in the night.

  • Shopping

Masafi town is famous for its market and shopping. It is a well known market in United Arab Emirates. The market is the best place to buy carpets which are imported from Iran, Pakistan and India. It is also famous for buying Emirates and Arab potteries. Moreover, there are some vegetable and fruit stalls inside there. The market opens at 8am in the morning and it closes at 10pm in the night. The town has a long street. The shops, markets and stalls are located on the street. The market is visited by the visitors and tourists visiting from the city of Dubai to Dibba.

  • Souq al Jumma: Masafi Friday Market

You should go to Souq Al Jumma which is preferably known as Masafi Friday Market. It is one of the main markets in the State of Fujairah. You can buy special and high quality stuff in this market. The stuff includes rugs, antiques, souvenirs and earthenware. The Market is situated on the road that is between Fujairah and Dubai. it is an old and traditional market hence it is a must visit place in Al-Masafi and ultimately in Fujairah.

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