Attractions at Bellagio Luxury Resort Las Vegas Nevada USA

Bellagio is an extravagance inn, gambling club and resort. It is situated in Las Vegas in USA. It is arranged on the Las Vegas strip in heaven, Nevada. It is claimed by MGM resorts International and it was built on the site of demolished Dunes hotel and casino. It was made as an inspiration from Lake Como town of there in Italy. One of the most attractive and elegant feature is the lake between the building and the strip. This lake houses the Fountains of there. The fountains of that house a very large numbers of dancing water fountains which are synchronized to music. Inside attractions include Dale Chihuly’s Fioro Di Como, which is beautifully designed with 2000 hand blown flowers that covers about 2000 square feet area of the lobby ceiling. It is home to Cirque du Soleil’s aquatic production. The main tower of there resort has about 36 floors, having more than 3000 rooms and the height is about 510 feet. The spa tower which lies at the south of the main tower has about 33 floors having a height of 392 feet and it contains 950 rooms.

Tourists Attractions at Bellagio Fountains Resort

  • Fountains

The fountain of Bellagio is a vast choreographed water fountains performing with light and music. The performance takes place in front of there Hotel. The show takes place after every 30 minutes in the afternoon and in the evening while after 8pm the show takes place after every 15 minutes. Visitors and Tourists enjoy and amuse themselves from the refreshing fountain dance.

  • Spa and Saloon

It offers an award winning beauty oasis. The singular goal of there spa and saloon is to pamper you. There are seasonal offers, spa and saloon packages for adults and couples. Moreover there is a fitness center where you can challenge yourself and achieve maximum results.

  • Hotel

Contentment and opulence are the trademarks and hallmarks of the Bellagio luxury hotel experience. There are about 4000 rooms in the hotel. There are different types of suites and villas for the guests and hotel includes guest rooms, guest suites having a diverse variety of suites including saloon suites, Bellagio suites, cypress suites, tower suites, grand lake view suites, penthouse suites, executive suites, parlor suites, presidential suites, chairman suites and many more.

There Luxury resort rooms are another variety of rooms for guests. Diverse variety include Fountain view, Premier fountain view, Deluxe fountain view, Resort room, Resort Queen room and Resort tower king.

  • Gaming

You can also visit the Bellagio Casino. Only adults more than 21 years old are allowed to enter the casino. There are table games, racing games, poker rooms, Bobby room, World Poker tour and Responsible Gaming. It has also partnered with the World poker tour to host several tournaments.

  • Resort Amenities

As a visitor at Bellagio resort you must explore the multi faceted nature of absolute luxury. It is one of the most luxurious resorts among the celebrated cities in the world. There are fitness activity centers, pools and courtyards, room service amenities, photography sections, golf club and much more to do.

  • Fiori di Como

Fiori di Como is a lobby designed with beautiful hand blown glass flowers at the top of the ceiling. It is one of the major tourist attractions.

  • Conservatory and Botanical Gardens

Conservatory and Botanical Gardens are one the major Bellagio Hotel attractions. There are five seasonal themes that the conservatory undergoes: Chinese, summer, winter, spring and fall. On Chinese New Year, the conservatory displays flowers and orchids as well as the butterfly houses. Visitors enjoy the musical performance in the gardens between 5pm and 6pm. Mr and Mrs Green Thumb are always in the Conservatory and Botanical gardens from 10.30am to 11am and they provide tips to visit the botanical gardens and provide answer to your questions.

  • Art Gallery

Art Gallery exhibits special exhibition displaying the art work they took as loan from various museums and private art galleries. The art gallery covers artistic phases from 1960-1990. The exhibition features about sixty paintings, prints, paintings, sculptures and films.

  • Nightlife

The nightlife at Bellagio provides a complete Las Vegas lifetime experience. It depends upon your choice that whether you prefer a high energy or a more intimacy experience. The Bank, Hyde, Lily Bar and Lounge, Pool Bar, Baccarat Bar, Petrossian Bar, Starting Gate and Bellagio Mixology.

  • Restaurants

you can have a global taste adventure of formal and casual cuisine and restaurants. It includes Fine view Dining, Fountain view dining, Contemporary Dining, Casual Dining and Quick eats.

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